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    Chak No. 39/12-L

    Pictures of Village




    LIFE STYLE of people is very simple.They are not much recgonized by Technology.They earn theirmoney by simple ways like small shops.There is no Shopping Market in village. Cars are very less, people use Motor bikes to travel.Most of them use cycles to do work. In this village most people keep goats.hens and cows to take milk and meat from them and they earn their money by them. Houses are not of high quality,and are not furnished very much.People are not much rich they belong to middle class families.

    Agriculture is the profession of people.They grow crops like wheat,corn e.t.c and also vegetables and fruits like mangoes,apples,banana,pumpkin and carrots.The food is pure and delecious.There are no harmful effects of food in this village.they sell their crops to earn their livlihood. People wears shalwar and kameez.Villagers are not much attracted to westren culture and they dont like modern views.They rely on their sources.


    Chak No. 108/12-L


    Some Pictures from Imran Chaudhry